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Whilst everything in the real world seems
to have gradually
tourism sector
still has a lot to go through,
it is hard to imagine
how the scenic view,
the jolly soundscape,
and the friendly banter
with other tourists
would translate into
the digital world.
Thus, we intend to digitally reflect the
authentic tourist spot
through XR telescope
and metaverse platform MetaLive,
enabling you to enjoy the virtual tourism,
more than in real life.


You want to leave your things behind and
go on a trip.
However, reality’s not that easy.
Go on a virtual tour in life-like tourist
destination with your lookalike avatar.
MetaLive is a futuristic cultural tourism
where you share your travel
experiences and daily lives.


  • Connection
    Connecting XR BORA
    with virtual space
  • Sharing
    tour information sharing
  • Culture
    NFT exhibition and
    Complex cultural content

A futuristic cultural
tourism platform
where you
share your travel experiences
and daily lives,
any time-space restriction


I want to take

a virtual trip

and  share
with my friends

I want to be
an influencer

on the metaverse,

not on Instagram
or YouTube.

  • Go on a tour in
    MetaLive with your avatar
    Find a new virtual tour spot,
    make your own itinerary on
    MetaLive with your own virtual avatar
  • Share your feed
    and your know-hows
    Plan your tour beforehand,
    and make new friends by
    sharing the photos or
    your daily lives on the feed
  • A life-like virtual tour spot,
    linked with XR Telescope BORA
    You can enjoy a more
    immersive virtual tour on MetaLive,
    where virtual tour destinations
    are fused with 360VR footage
    of the actual spot.


Beyond Real World,
Create New Experience & Trip

MetaLive proposes a new way to enjoy global culture and creates a positive change
for the future by community-based live cultural contents linked with real life

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