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Representative greeting

Awesomepia is ….

Based on XR (virtual convergence technology), which has evolved from VR/AR, we are dreaming of a digital district that combines ICT technologies such as DATA, Network, AI, and Blockchain.

Through metaverse live convergence cultural tourism content, we are creating
innovative virtual tourism platforms and products that enjoy global culture.
Awesomepia CEO


Awesomepia is a company that develops the future, based on the core value of a company.

  • Human


    Achieving corporate growth
    and goals through innovation
    by talented people

  • Partnership


    Partner-centered thinking
    and management create
    long-term partnerships and
    make profits together

  • Tomorrow


    Continuously realize new changes
    and innovations by boasting
    a global ICT company

  • Idea


    Create new value by
    creative thinking and expertise

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