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Enjoy the scenery of the tourist attractions with a digital guide

XR Telescope BORA is a digital telescope that combines reality and
virtual reality through XR and AI technologies in real-time images.
It provides a new tourism experience beyond the existing telescope.



    Watch beautiful scenery clearly in real-time Enjoy real-time views of tourist attractions with up to 60x zoom-in.

    Scan the QR code on the screen and the view you are watching will be sent to your smartphone.


    Cloudy days? No problem.
    You will have the best-ever clear view.

    Enjoy the scenery of the season and weather at your choice Whatever the weather conditions of the day, you get the best scenery.


    Information on major tourist attractions as XR content!

    Experience helpful information such as major tourist attractions, history, and ecosystems through various contents using XR and AI technology.


  • Possession of hardware and software technology

    High reliability proven through existing installation cases High-magnification, high-quality scenery viewing with field-customized lens selection

  • Completed ISO 9001 certification and has a number of related patents

    Converts images taken through multiple cameras into panoramic images and provides streaming services to clients. Panorama images were acquired using image stitching.

  • Live scenery + virtual space

    Realistic experience connected to the XR telescope Bora Virtual tourism metaverse platform meta live You can enjoy a more realistic virtual tour by combining the vivid scene of a real tourist attraction with a virtual space with 360 or real-time video.


  • Revitalization of the Local Economy

    The MZ generation seeking a new experience through the XR Telescope Bora, the inflow of tourists from organizations, families, and couples who want to experience field trips, revitalize the local economy, and increase tourists and stay time.
  • The educational aspect

    Plays the role of field trips by delivering XR educational information content on cultural relics and animals/plants around tourist destinations through voice guidance from digital commentators.
  • Activation through content development

    Expands promotional and experience content by further developing XR contents of regions and brands, and to collaborating with BORA on XR content owned by regions and brands.

    *Additional development costs are incurred*


  • Install BORA
    at site
  • Collect Live Data
  • Mobile Device
  • Live Scenary+Virtual Space

    MetaLive is a virtual tourism metaverse platform connected to XR Telescope Bora.

    Enjoy a more realistic virtual tour by combining the vivid scene of a real tourist destination with a virtual space through 360 or real-time video.


Sortation Specs Sortation Specs Sortation Specs
Magnification 60x ~ 100x
Display 15.6" Rated Voltage 220V/60HZ
Image Capture 2048P
Resolution 1920 X 1080
IP rating IP44
Pan range 120” Brightness 1200nit Material SUSor Steel
TILT coverage 50" Panel point Electrostatic, 10 point ControlledTemp.Range 20°c- 40°c


Joint distribution with Lotte Group affiliates
<Daehong Communications> , <MHub>
Secured various distribution network. Stable sales guaranteed.

  • BORA
    Installed Sites
    • Dec.20 Dora Observation Tower, 1st model
    • Jul.22Hi-One Resort, Junsun, Kangwon-Do
    • Sep.22 Dora Observation Tower, 2nd model installed
    • Oct.22Odu-San Tongil Observation Tower, National Institute of Unification
    • Dec.22Namsan-Gol Hanok-Maeu, Seoul
    • Jan.23EBC, Lotte World Tower
    • May 23Apsan Observatory, Daegu City
    • Sep.23 Gimpo Aegibong Peace Ecological Park, Animation Center (Animation Picnic, House of Comics) Installation
    • Oct.23 Myeong-Dong Jaemirang, Seoul City
    • Nov.23 Yeoncheon Typhoon Observatory

  • Dorasan

  • Lotte World

  • Daegu
    Apsan Observatory

  • Gimpo

  • Namsangol
    Hanok Village

  • High1

  • Odusan

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