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CEO Message

Awesomepia dreams of a digital earth where cutting-edge ICT technologies such as
Data, Networks, Ai, and Blockchain are converged through XR (Virtual Convergence Technology), an evolution of VR/AR.

We are creating an innovative virtual tourism platform and products
that enjoy global culture through metaverse and real world convergence cultural tourism content.
Awesomepia CEO


Awesomepia is a company that develops the future, based on the core value of a company.

  • Human


    Achieving corporate growth
    and goals through innovation
    by talented people

  • Partnership


    Partner-centered thinking
    and management create
    long-term partnerships and
    make profits together

  • Tomorrow


    Continuously realize new changes
    and innovations by boasting
    a global ICT company

  • Idea


    Create new value by
    creative thinking and expertise

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